Zinc Ally with Antique Plating Key Chains

Zinc alloy is a prevailing material in souvenir market because the smooth metal surface
and extra thickness appeal to more customers.
All the inner cutouts or open areas can be done without any cut die charge required.
If logos required to be more relief or cubic, die casted zinc alloy trumps stamped brass or iron.
For miniature-sized designs, only zinc alloy can express completely.
If designs with mechanical functions such as moving and spinning pieces, zinc alloy is the preferable material.
Gem stones inlaid are workable.
Soft enamel colors or imitation hard enamel colors are available for any designs.
Various finishing (bright/ matte/ antique) are applicable.
Compare with die struck items, zinc alloy items need more days (about 7 days) for production because molds engraving is more complicated.

By sea; by air or by express courier (FedEx/ TNT/ UPS/ DHL)

Made in China

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