Offset Printing Pins

Offset printing is also named 4 color process printing (Yellow/ Magenta/ Cyan & Black), no matter how many colors involved on the art, we charge the printing set up fee for 4 colors only if there is no metal border left on the edge or 5 colors if metal border is necessary on the edge, the extra one is for white background color. Generally speaking, if the pins must be made by offset printing, there should be no PMS numbers instruction because we will use YMCK to present the colors. Offset printed lapel pins are perfect for designs that incorporate gradients or drop shadows. Based on different prices, there are 4 different materials for options.
A: Brass Material with gold or nickel plating (Most Expensive)
B: Brass Material without any electroplating (Less Expensive)
C: Stainless Steel without electroplating (Cheaper than Brass w/o plating)
D: Aluminum material without any electroplating (Cheapest one)
Material: There are 4 different materials for choices.
Motifs: Printed
Color Chart: Y/M/C/K

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